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The Benefits of Selling Through the Tender Centre

  1. Maximum Returns - Get the best price that anyone will pay for your goods.  Buyers do not know what others will bid, so they need to submit their highest bid, thus maximising your return.
  2. Viewings 7 days a week, every week - Hundreds of people can view your items each week.  Bids may be submitted at any time, either in store or online.
  3. No Advertising Costs - Compare the Commission that you pay to us against the cost of advertising your goods and maybe selling them.  Remember, you wouldn't have hundreds of people looking at your goods in response to a newspaper advertisement!
  4. No More Garage Sales - At a garage sale, you sell your goods to one of the first buyers - usually at a fraction of their value.  At the Tender Centre there are hundreds of potential buyers.
  5. No More Strangers in your Home - You won't have strangers coming to your door to look at your goods.
  6. No More Face-to-Face Negotiations - If the top bid for your goods doesn't reach the reserve, if you want we will negotiate for you with the highest bidder to get the best outcome.
  7. No More Waiting by the Phone - We receive the online bids, take the calls and deal with customers face-to-face, leaving you free to do whatever else you need.
  8. Goods Collection / Pick-up - We can collect your goods for a fee (see Rates & Fees) if you are unable to arrange to deliver them to us yourself.
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